After School Club in Hedge End & Eastleigh

Little Acorns Day Nursery runs an after school club providing a wide selection of activities, spanning outdoors and indoors. We provide activities that are a mix of play, education, arts & crafts, and fun cookery, among many others.

Freeing up your day

The Little Acorns Day Nursery After School Club starts after the school day ends, allowing parents who sign their children up a few more worry free hours to continue their day and conclude any professional or organisational obligations. We coordinate pick up time with you, and can be flexible where need be.

At a glance:

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2 years 9 months – 5 years

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Key person assigned

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Free flow inside and out play areas

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Less structured, free play

Rocking horse

Focus on independence and letting kids choose their own way within a pre-defined selection of activities


Computer use (no internet access)

Qualified and Experienced Staff

The after school club is run by our qualified and experienced staff, who have contributed to our attaining a coveted Outstanding rating by Ofsted.

Preschool teacher, children raising hands in class
Soft play area

Encouraging independence and play

Beyond the range of structured activities we provide at Little Acorns Day Nursery, both our Eastleigh and Hedge End facilities are equipped with a large outdoor space, allowing children the freedom to play to their hearts’ content. Play in the outdoor area is of course tightly supervised, but allows children the chance to socialise, bond and develop a sense of independence.

Want to know more about our nursery and what Little Acorns Day Nursery can mean for your little one’s development? Don’t hesitate to call us!