School Holiday Club in Eastleigh

At Little Acorns Day Nursery, we organise an ongoing School Holiday Club to coincide with your children’s seasonal school holidays. Our aim is to free up your time and allow you to continue your professional activities and other duties, secure in the knowledge that your child is entertained and stimulated in an environment fostering socialisation, creativity and expression.

Nothing but fun

The School Holiday Club doesn’t follow a school curriculum in the conventional sense. We provide a broad selection of stimulating, themed and enjoyable activities that children are sure to love.

Picnics, the cinema and bowling are all activities we love!

At a glance:

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5 years – 12 years

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Free flow inside and out play areas

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Less structured play

Rocking horse

Focus on independence and letting kids choose their own way within a pre-defined selection of activities


Computer use (monitored and supervised)

Toy train

Ongoing mini projects which the children can work on throughout their period at the Holiday Club

Fun & Educational

When you as a parent are working full time, it can be difficult to balance the rigours of your schedule with that of your child’s school holiday. Our School Holiday Club provides an outlet: we organize fun, educational and engaging activities for when your child’s regular nursery has closed for the holiday.

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Lightening your load

Little Acorns Day Nursery’s Holiday Club provides a thoroughly enjoyable, short-term alternative for parents with busy schedules that don’t allow for school holiday downtime, in Eastleigh or Hedge End. Our dedicated staff outdoes itself each year in organising a diverse range of activities both fun and educational.

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