Nurturing baby nursery in Hedge End and Eastleigh

If you’re looking for attentive, individualised care for your baby, look no further than Little Acorns Day Nursery. Our baby nursery is designed with your baby’s comfort and security in mind; our team of highly-trained and experienced staff are committed to meeting your child’s every need emotionally, socially and nutritionally. Equipped with safe baby-proofed facilities, our baby nursery is a nurturing and caring haven for your child.

Following your routine

At Little Acorns Day Nursery, we do everything we can to ensure your baby’s routine isn’t disrupted. If they eat at 11 and nap at 2, that’s what they’ll do with us. Our specialist baby nursery follows all individual routines and tailors schedules and meal times around the specific needs of your baby in line with your home schedule.

A baby’s paradise

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Our nursery baby room accommodates all babies from newborns to 18 months

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Each baby is assigned a key person in charge of providing individualised care

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We have an interactive play room at our disposal

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We adhere strictly to the routines you have outlined for your baby

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Parents are always welcome to visit and play

An interactive environment for little explorers

Whether your baby is gurgling, crawling, laughing or smiling, Little Acorns has a key person who will be there every step of the way. We recognise that continuity of care is important for little ones. Your baby will have their own adult who will be there with you and your child throughout their journey at Little Acorns.

Why not take a look at our Toddler Room, or contact us for a chat?

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Soft and sensory play at baby nursery

Soft and sensory play rooms

Your little acorn will also love our soft play areas, made with their needs in mind. Baby height windows and mirrors, a cosy corner, miniature toys for little hands and lots of sensory play time mean your baby will be stimulated, engaged, active and always well cared for.

Want to know more about our nursery and what Little Acorns Day Nursery can mean for your little one’s development? Don’t hesitate to call us!