Bond with your child at our Saturday Morning Club in Hedge End

The first Saturday of every month we offer parents a special opportunity to spend quality time with their children by joining them in the nursery for a few hours.

Secure early bonding: essential for future development

The social part of a child’s brain starts to develop at 6 months: without regular attention and love, this part of the brain will not develop. At Little Acorns we understand that bonding with your child at an early age really makes all the difference to setting them up to grow up as emotionally capable adults. That’s why we are so happy to offer Saturday Morning Club.

Bonding with your child sets them up to thrive

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The social part of the brain develops at 6 months old.

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Babies that form secure early bonds grow up as emotionally capable adults.

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Babies that miss out are much more likely to become depressive and anxious.

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Research suggests that 40% of British Children are not securely bonded by the age of 5.

Build Confidence In your Parenting

It is easier to bond with your child if you are in a supportive environment that helps you build confidence in your parenting abilities. Saturday Morning Club is specifically designed to provide an emotionally supportive environment for parent-child bonding.

Babies playing together in the kindergarten.
Babies playing together in preschool.

See how our nursery works

The Saturday Morning Club is free for members of the nursery, but non-member parents are also welcome to join for a small fee. So, this is a perfect opportunity to see how our nursery works before becoming a member.

Bonding with your child is crucial for their future development. Join the Saturday Morning Club at Little Acorns today and set them up to thrive!

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